Kingsland Yellow Jackets

Welcome to the Kingsland Jackets youth football team landing page! Here, you'll find essential information, registration forms, and direct links to our Facebook Groups. Don't forget to check out our donation section to support our young athletes!

  • President: Charles Frazier

  • Vice President: George Flynn

  • Secretary: Melissa Bohn

  • Treasurer: Kaylyn Greene

  • Director of Facilities: Sam Slaydon

  • Director Of Fundraising: Cindy Dirden

  • Director of Community Relations: Joshua Yount

  • Director of Volunteer Management: Kaylyn Greene

  • Director of Coaches: Charles Frazier

  • Complaint Resolutions Officers:

  • ---Director: George Flynn -

  • ---Officers: Joshua Yount - Clayton Deatherage

  • Additional Committee Members:

  • ---Tommy Gomez - Joe Cervantez

  • Page Manager: Joshua Yount